Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dennis Kucinich Introduced Articles of Impeachment Today

Go to Articles of Impeachment of Dick Cheney.


Haigen said...

Doesn't sound too promising Professor.


Washington Post
by Dana Milbak

"I do not stand alone," Dennis Kucinich said as he stood, alone, in front of a cluster of microphones yesterday evening.

The Ohio congressman, a Democratic presidential candidate, was holding a news conference outside the Capitol to announce that he had just filed articles of impeachment against Vice President Cheney. But subsequent questioning quickly revealed that Kucinich had not yet persuaded any of his 434 colleagues to be a cosponsor, that he had not even discussed the matter with House Democratic leaders, and that he had not raised the subject with the Judiciary Committee.

Dennis Loo said...

Thanks for writing Haigen. I think on the contrary that it's quite promising. The fact that Kucinich hasn't yet done the things that Dana Milbak lists is more a reflection of the fact that he's the first sitting national politician to introduce impeachment articles and the fact that he's going up against the tide within the Congress and the jaundiced view of the mainstream media. Kucinich is, however, going with the tide of the majority of people in this country who want impeachment. His courage in introducing this stands in contrast to others who haven't the guts to stand up against tyranny, torture and war crimes. It's a start. And as I've written previously in this blog, Kucinich himself a couple months ago was disavowing impeachment. His supporters made it clear, however, that a lot of them wanted impeachment.