Saturday, September 1, 2007

Declare It Now: the 333 Plan

I call it 333: You get 3 people to Declare It Now (DIN) and wear orange and/or decorate with orange everyday (orange ribbon, armband, bandana, t-shirt, etc.), and each of those 3 people get 3 people. You call back your 3 people in 3 days to check in with them: thus, 3 3 3.

Orange means we're furious and we won't take it anymore! Orange means we're not going to allow them to take us and the world down their road of torture, tyranny and war crimes! Orange means that we're not "Good Germans."

This 333 plan puts the campaign into the hands of people immediately and if the people who do this just recruit their 3 people, assuming a starting group of 72 people, assuming no erosion in this chain, assuming no one recruits more than 3 ever, assuming no one takes up wearing orange on their own without being recruited by a personal network (through, e.g., seeing others doing it or hearing about it through PSAs and ads), then in 9 "generations" of this process, which should take about a week for each generation, we'll have 1.4 million people wearing orange. In 10 "generations" we'll have 4.25 million.

Obviously, all but one of these assumptions is conservative (erosion in the chain will probably happen in places); we could grow faster than this conservative projection predicts. We plan, for example, to take out ads in major newspapers, radio, TV and we have prominent people lined up who have been taping PSAs for the DIN campaign. We just need the money to do these ads. People who are thrilled by this campaign can and should recruit more than their 3. And so on.

Please join this campaign and participate in the plan. Be part of the historic change that we must together effect. We don't need to mobilize all of the millions who oppose this rotten regime in D.C., social change doesn't wait for or need absolutely everyone who feels a certain way to act. But we do need literally millions to declare themselves against what the Bush regime is doing and what it represents. If we mobilize millions - and there's no reason to think that we can't, the 333 plan is very, very doable and very concrete - then those millions will be seen by at least tens of millions of others, and we will have done something remarkable and unprecedented. We will have created the atmosphere in which a popular movement can flourish in and we will have triggered a massive cultural shift.

We will have done something that doesn't depend upon media news coverage of our actions because our actions will be visible to tens of millions of people in their everyday lives. We will have done something that doesn't depend on getting our political "representatives" to listen to us tell them something that they already know: that a large majority of people in this country want Bush and Cheney gone and want them to take their reactionary policies with them!

We are the people we've been waiting for. What are you waiting for? Write me and tell me that you're part of this campaign. Keep track of the 3 people (or more) that you recruit. Have them keep track of their 3 or more. Repeat till satisfied. : )

Get together with the 3 or 12 people under you in the chain. Plan activities together - hold a house party and raise money for the DIN campaign (see posting just before this one); gather to watch a video or do a reading group; go out in a group wearing orange to spread the campaign - you can get flyers from world can't wait, go out together wearing orange and see a film or play or just walk down the street and create a sensation, handing out orange ribbons. You can buy ribbons and safety pins at craft shops or fabric stores. Hardware stores sell orange tape in big rolls for $3. They tear by hand. Let's get it started!

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