Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What the Democratic Party Leadership is Good For

If you think we have freedom of speech in this country and if you think that you can rely on the Democratic Party leadership to stand up for our rights, you need to see these videos.

Note what Kerry does and doesn't do while the University of Florida cops grab and then taser Andrew Meyer who was merely asking Kerry a question from the open mike about why Kerry didn't contest the 2004 stolen election - he won after all! - and why he's not moving to impeach Bush. While the police have the student on his back and are about to taser him, Kerry says that if we all calm down things will take care of themselves. The cops then proceed to take care of things by tasering the student for exercising his right to speak.

While the gendarmes are manhandling Andrew, Kerry allows all of this to go on in full view of himself and the audience. He could have told the police to lay off - he was, after all, the elected president and a U.S. Senator. But he lets all of this happen - just like he and the rest of the Democratic Party leadership have stood by and allowed the torture and mass murder to go on in Iraq, the massive, illegal spying on all Americans, the martial law enabling acts and the hundreds of signing statements negating Congressional laws and Constitutional guarantees. Are these the sort of people to rescue us from the atrocities being committed under Bush and Cheney?

In a microcosm, this outrageous incident reveals how far things have come and where things are headed. What was done to one Andrew - and Rev. Yearwood as discussed below - are what is in store for all of us: you may not ask questions, you may not exercise your right to speak, you may not dissent, you must listen and be silent and go along, or we will brutalize you and torture you. The passivity of Kerry in the face of this, the obvious choice he has made to stand beside and be protected by the armed might of the state, speaks volumes.

This next video picks up later than the first, but provides a much clearer view of what the police do to Andrew after he asks Kerry about impeachment and about Skull and Bones.

Go to YouTube to view this shocking footage at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bVa6jn4rpE&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ephawker%2Ecom%2F

And when Rev. Lennox Yearwood, who was wearing a button that said "I Love the Iraqi People" and had been waiting in line for two hours to get into the Senate Hearing room where Gen. Betray Us was testi-lying, this is what the Capitol Police did to show who gets to speak and who doesn't even get to bear witness.

Go to YouTube to see this.

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