Saturday, September 1, 2007

Crucial Fundraiser - Please Read and Follow Up!

World Can't Wait proudly presents:

The First Nationwide Virtual Fundraiser to
Drive Out The Bush Regime

You select the date and time!
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We face an urgent mission - to organize people living in the United States to take responsibility to stop the whole disastrous course of the Bush administration. Right now the world needs a political situation where the Bush administration's program is repudiated, where Bush and Cheney are driven from office and where the whole direction they have been taking U.S. society is reversed. It's on all of us who see this trajectory to mobilize millions to express their outrage, to speak the truth, to act with urgency and to form an organized political resistance.

World Can't Wait has launched Declare It Now-Wear Orange as a means for people to make their opposition to this regime visible. The urgent color of orange -- the color assigned to those detained and tortured with no due process -- must become the color of a gathering sentiment to repudiate the program of and drive the Bush regime from office. A groundswell of orange can break people out of this conundrum where millions are just furious but still numbed and rendered inactive by the complicity of the loyal opposition Party and by the anaesthetizing effects of the presidential elections.

Without funding we cannot succeed. There is nothing but money stopping us from fostering an orange uprising by putting ads on MTV or The Daily Show, from producing tens of thousands of orange bandannas or sending youth organizers to campuses as schools open.

Now is your opportunity to declare your desire to see campuses shut down until Bush and Cheney are removed from office, to see the streets flooded with orange, the color of resistance, and to see people – from prominent voices of conscience to professionals to stay-at-home moms – say ENOUGH to the Bush program and get out there and work to stop it. Now is your opportunity to make this desire a reality by making a financial commitment to be part of changing the course of history.

Give today because 2008 is too late. Give today because over a billion dollars will be spent by presidential candidates who aren’t even addressing the questions of how to change a situation where most people in the world think the US is the biggest threat to the future. Give today because the people are NOT powerless in the face of this horror. There is something we CAN do. We cannot wait. We cannot be paralyzed – we can resist and we can make this resistance uncompromising – and we can drive out the Bush regime.

Please support World Can't Wait now – no amount is too small or too large.

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