Saturday, December 8, 2007

Politicizing Everyday Life and Bringing Forth a Competing, Legitimate Leadership

Demonstrations in the form of rallies, marches and civil resistance all contribute to an atmosphere in the society of social unrest or social restiveness that is indispensable to any genuine and fundamental social change occurring. Yet these forms of political protest – while invaluable - are not by themselves enough.

We are up against the radical reshaping of the country along fascist/police state lines and the ruling circles’ infernal unanimity around this program. The need for a powerful, counter-posing force that is clear-eyed on what is afoot, what needs to be done and strong enough to accomplish this gigantic feat stands out in sharp relief. Demonstrations of the traditional sort are crucial, but they will not accomplish this major task on their own because what is needed goes well beyond convincing parts of the existing political/opinion leadership to mend their ways.

We need to constitute a new leadership: a competing, legitimate authority to the one that presently rules our country. The participation by millions who take a public stand for a different world and against the existing one by wearing/displaying orange daily and recruiting others to do the same is crucial in doing this extraordinary thing. There can be no mass movement leaders without a social base, and there can be no sufficiently powerful counter-force leadership without a visible, personally committed on the individual level, mass movement. What people are doing when they pledge to 333 and wear orange daily is taking personal responsibility for fighting the immorality and tyranny of the Bush Regime and the Bush Agenda. This personal commitment cannot be overestimated in its importance. We need nothing less than a change at the grassroots in the everyday life of millions.

Orange is the color of resistance. By donning orange, people are declaring themselves and acting as publicists for a new world and as political organizers in their daily lives. This simple, yet deeply significant act, can spread quickly if people individually take it upon themselves to be what they’ve been waiting for others to be.

The following is something that you can copy/paste and put on a two-sided flyer as a means of recruiting people to 333. You'll need to reformat it - suggested: Times, 11 point font.

Do You Want to Drive the Criminals Out of the White House?

You are not alone!

The majority sentiment against Bush, Cheney and their entire program must be made visible. People of conscience must stand up. It is up to YOU!

Spread an Orange Wave of Resistance: the 333 Plan

• Wear orange every day! (Ribbon, Armband, Bandana… the symbolic power of orange can be worn in many creative ways).
• Recruit 3 others to do the same.
• They in turn recruit 3 people each. Check back with them on how it’s going in 3 days. Stay in touch. Form relationships with them. Support them keeping in touch with their 3.

The pyramid you start can bring in over 19,600 people in two months. A starting group of 100 people doing 333 can bring in over 1.9 million people in two months!

Seize the Moral High Ground Against the Criminals in D.C.

We’re aiming for 1% of the population, or 3 million, wearing orange daily this winter.

Imagine the impact on the world of millions of Americans, wearing brilliant orange, declaring themselves against tyranny.

Keep track of who’s in your pyramid. Hold a 333 Party every 3 weeks. Watch your parties grow! Network with people who share a determination to Drive Out the Bush Regime.

Declare It Now: Wear Orange! Contact:

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Name: ______________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________

Phone: ____________________

Email: _____________________

Second side:

Mission Impossible: Your Mission, Should You Decide to Accept It, is to: Drive Out the Bush Regime!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. “But they’re only in office for another 14 months.” Everyday that Bush and Cheney are allowed to remain in office more people are tortured and killed and global warming gets worse. It’s immoral not to speak out and resist.

2. “I’m against what Bush and Cheney are doing, but …” If you’re against this, but don’t show it, it doesn’t count. If you act but act too late, it doesn’t matter.

3. “What can people do? The Democrats are the ones.” The American people are the wild card in the deck. If we act in our millions in visible, determined, powerful and independent ways, the whole atmosphere will change dramatically.

4. “What can one person do?” One person can recruit tens of thousands of others. One person can be a magnet for others who want to resist but don’t know how. One person can be part of a chain reaction that breaks through the political paralysis and changes history.

5. “Let’s wait till 2009 when another president will take office.” The leading presidential candidates have all signed onto Bush and Cheney’s plans to attack Iran and continue the war on Iraq. None of them have indicated that they will reverse any of the dictatorial assertions of executive power by Bush and Cheney. The Democrats in Congress have given the Bush Regime everything they’ve wanted and more. We cannot allow cynical partisan calculations that mean that torture, wars and warrantless wiretapping will be allowed to continue to set the terms of our world. The people must speak up.

6. “Why orange?” Orange is the color that our government forces prisoners held and tortured at Guantanamo to wear. Our wearing orange tells the world that we will not allow torture and crimes against humanity to be carried out in our name.

Declare It Now: Wear Orange doesn’t depend on media coverage. It is something that we can do ourselves. Contact:

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