Saturday, December 15, 2007

Inside the CIA's notorious "black sites"

[One of the people who wrote in response to this heartrending article at said that she felt powerless to do anything about this horror. I beg to differ. There is something you can and must do: protest, speak out, show how you feel, spread the resistance - declare it now! wear orange and spread the color of refusal to be complicit, ugly Americans. There are millions who feel as she does and these millions must and can do something.]

NOTE: I received a note from the Blogger Team today, 12/18/07, that I was violating a copyright law by reposting this article. I was surprised to get that notice since I clearly attributed where it came from, provided the author credit, and a link to the article. But since I was asked to remove it, I will do so. You can go to the link in the title of this posting to find the actual article. I urge you to read it.

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