Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What Can Wearing Orange Do?

When you wear orange daily - and get others to do the same - you are:

showing your solidarity with the victims being tortured by our government at Guantanamo and elsewhere;

taking a public stand against illegal, immoral, unjust wars for empire;

refusing to allow nooses and clothes hangers to be the icons of our time;

adopting the high road against the moral monsters in charge and calling on others to do the same;

acting as a political representative of a new order;

donning an orange badge of courage;

organizing in your day-to-day life;

implementing a unique form of everyday political resistance;

rupturing with merely private grumbling and taking action;

making visible the invisible sentiment against this regime;

fostering an atmosphere in which allies can readily identify each other in the crowd and unite to resist in many other ways together;

refusing to be a "good German;"

provoking others to decide whether they will continue to remain silent or not;

putting the reactionaries who stand with Bush and Cheney on the defensive;

manifesting what you stand against and what you stand for;

expressing your fierce hope and determination for a world worth living in and a future worth living for.

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