Thursday, September 27, 2007

No Common Ground with Torturers

This is a speech that I gave on 12/10/06 in Santa Barbara. I'm posting it here now to make it easier for people to access, because many more people still need to see and hear the material, and because even though it's many months old, the content is still extremely relevant and timely. The one thing that I'd revise is near the end where I state that the main problem we need to resolve is that most Americans don't know the monstrous things being done in our names. While this is still true today, the principle problem, as I've written here and elsewhere, is the unanimity of the opposition to impeachment and accountaility by virtually the entire political leadership and corporate media.

The Declare It Now: Wear Orange campaign and the 333 Plan are a vehicle for the American people in our millions to dramatically change the political atmosphere. I also think that the idea of a general strike - floated in the current Harper's Magazine - is a great idea!

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