Friday, January 4, 2008

A Different Metaphor: Taking the Castle

[This is an extended metaphor that I wrote back in Spring of 2007 at the website Show It Off!. I am reposting it here.]

Our opponent has very few steadfast soldiers, but they do have a lot of heavy artillery that they are using against us and they are holed up in the castle. The number of soldiers that we have in the field directly engaged in battle at the moment is also small, but we have a huge reservoir of forces waiting in the wings. The question is whether we can get that reservoir of soldiers - who number in the millions - to join in the battle. If we do we’ll overwhelm the enemy.

Some of those on the wings truly despise the enemy in the castle and can't wait to plunge in. They're donning their battle gear as we speak. Many others would join the battle, but they've never been in battle and they're asking, how do I do this? Among them are also ones who are saying: "Is the enemy really that bad? I hear another king or queen may be taking power in a couple years and there are rumors that they are promising that our invasion of other countries in the East will be handled more competently."

Others on the wings aren’t sure that they ought to join the fight. Many are thinking – I’m just one person, what difference can one person make?

Still others are saying to themselves, I’m not a fighter, I’m not a soldier, I’ve never been in a battle, I can leave this battle up to the professional soldiers. Let them do it. I'm just going to tend the fields and enjoy the festivals.

Another segment on the wings are asking – how do I know that we will win? Can you guarantee me that we will win?

Then, of course, there are those who are lolling about among the tents saying: “What battle?” “There’s a battle going on?”

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