Monday, April 14, 2008

A Slogan for the Democratic Party

If a party slogan bore any relationship to reality, today's Democratic Party ought to adopt a slogan for itself that accurately reflects its current nature:

"Vote Democratic, We're Yesteryear's GOP."

As just one illustration of this fact, the Kerry-Edwards 2004 Democratic Presidential ticket's platform was virtually indistinguishable from that of George H.W. Bush's foreign policy. Kerry-Edwards were Bush Sr.-lite.

Those in the Left, who think that the movement ought to devote its efforts to the electoral path and try thereby to pressure the Democratic Party to be more progressive, need to take notice of this. You are chasing after a will o' the wisp.

From Wikipedia:

"The names will-o'-the-wisp and jack-o'-lantern refer to an old folktale, retold in different forms across Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, Appalachia and Newfoundland.

"One version, from Shropshire, recounted by K. M. Briggs in her book A Dictionary of Fairies, refers to Will the Smith. Will is a wicked blacksmith who is given a second chance by Saint Peter at the gates to Heaven, but leads such a bad life that he ends up being doomed to wander the Earth. The Devil provides him with a single burning coal with which to warm himself, which he then used to lure foolish travellers into the marshes (compare Wayland Smith)."

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