Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back At You!

More of what an Obama presidency would look like can be seen unfolding in Pakistan now.

La plus ca change, la plus c'est la meme chose:

"The United States is suddenly faced with the uncomfortable scenario of confronting the very same weapons and military hardware, including F-16 fighter jets, it has armed Pakistan with for decades. The unsavoury prospect of having to take a crack at the its one-time ally has surfaced most starkly in the skies over the Afghan-Pakistan border this weekend after the Pakistan Air Force deployed its US-supplied F-16s to challenge the violation of its airspace by US drones, and in one case, an airborne assault that landed US Navy Seals inside Pakistani territory."

See the rest of this at The Times of India, 9/14/08.

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Arthur84 said...

Interesting, I cannot tell which government is overreacting. The US, for preparing to attack an ally, or Pakistan, for being offended for one of the US's UAV patrolling near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. A border that is littered with mountanous terrain which Al-Qaeda terrorists have been reportedly spotted in time and time again. Why whouldn't the US have a UAV patrolling that border? If the US was not patrolling that border, then our government is even less intelligent than I already thought it was.

Then there is Pakistan, our "ally," shouldn't they know that we are patrolling their border? They are in the war against terrorism just as much as we are, supposedly. Now, that they have our fighters though, maybe they are ready to return to their feud with India. Now, there is a no win situation!

When will people/governments stop taking things so personally. I swear, the world is like one big high school, with the US the big jock bully, NATO, is the football team, the UN is the student body association, and everyone else are the geeks, nerds, and outcasts.

It is time for everyone to drop their insecurities and realize that we are all in this together. We only have one life, one world, one chance to do the right thing, and if we do not then we blew it.