Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How the Real New York Times Reacts to the Fake New York Times

Pranksters, the "Yes Men," distributed today 1.2 million copies of a fake New York Times Special Edition that proclaims in its headlines: "Iraq War Ends." A story posted about it is at Raw Story today.

In the accompanying video, an unidentified staffer at the NY Times complains about the fake NYT and says indignantly that the Times has "been all over the Bush administration since day one. We set the standard for coverage of the Iraq War."

To this a woman near him says, "Like Judith Miller?" referring to the Times reporter whose credulous stories about WMD, repeating the lies purveyed by the Bush White House, played a crucial role in helping to justify the war.

The Times staffer on camera scowls and immediately exits in a huff.

Strangely, the Times itself did a 2004 mea culpa about its credulous coverage of the Iraq war buildup during and after the Judy Miller affair, so this Times person's indignation is a little odd.

Truth hurts, doesn't it, or in this case, the contrast between what could be and what is, is painfully stark.

Here is their fake NY Times website.

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