Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Now, if only the courage shown by this Iraqi journalist were to be displayed by US journalists!

Perhaps then this American Dog of a President would never have been allowed to seize the presidency in the first place, despite losing twice!

Throwing shoes at a tyrant beats licking their butts, which is what dogs are also wont to do.

Iraqi Journalist Hurls Shoes at Bush and Denounces Him on TV as a ‘Dog’ (December 15, 2008)

In Iraqi’s Shoe-Hurling Protest, Arabs Find a Hero. (It’s Not Bush.)


BAGHDAD — Calling someone the “son of a shoe” is one of the worst insults in Iraq. But the lowly shoe and the Iraqi who threw both of his at President Bush, with widely admired aim, were embraced around the Arab world on Monday as symbols of rage at a still unpopular war.

In Saudi Arabia, a newspaper reported that a man had offered $10 million to buy just one of what has almost certainly become the world’s most famous pair of black dress shoes.

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Times Topics: Muntader al-Zaidi

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