Monday, February 12, 2007

How Credulous Do They Think We Are?

So, after dispatching two carrier groups to the Gulf, our government is now laying further groundwork in the realm of public opinion for a military attack on Iran, claiming that Iran is secreting weapons into Iraq. Even assuming that the Iranians are assisting Shias in Iraq to fight a civil war, who started that civil conflict? Hmmm. Let's think real hard here: the same US White House that is now claiming that, oh my goodness, there are foreign elements in Iraq! Of course, US Marines and Blackwater forces and so on aren't foreign elements.

But the question of whether there are Iranian weapons in Iraq or not isn't the question. The issue is that our government is readying people for a military confrontation. The very same people who created a disastrous humanitarian crisis in Iraq, the very same people whose continued presence there is perpetuating this crisis, are now saying that they need to widen the war in order to fix the problem they created in the first place! So, to those who continue to say that we ought to wait until '08: what do you think now about the urgency of ousting this regime in Washington? How else can we prevent a pending war on Iran without creating a completely different political atmosphere by bringing the people into the streets and into offices and onto campuses in protest?

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