Friday, February 9, 2007

Join the Battle! What Kind of World Do You Want To Live In?

I will be participating in the 2/17-18 emergency summit in NYC to strategize and raise the level of the impeachment battle and I invite you to join me, Cindy Sheehan, John Nichols and others. World Can't Wait initiated the call for this conference and has been joined as co-sponsors by, Progressive Democrats,, the Green Party of the United States, Grannies for Peace, Grandmothers Against the War.

Saturday Workshop list is in formation, including:
* “Organizing for oversight, investigation, accountability – impeachment” (presented by the Progressive Democrats of America)
* Impeachment “from the people”?
* Protesting the 4th anniversary of the Iraq war
* Freeway Blogging & other creative endeavors
* State by state activities for impeachment
* Organizing Labor unions
* Youth and student organizing walk-outs, strikes, teach-ins
* An all-afternoon intensive tutorial by experts on the crimes of the Bush administration presented by The Bush Crimes Commission

Sunday strategy break-outs on how to advance the demand for impeachment this spring.

If you want to suggest or plan a workshop, contact: or 866 973 4463.

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