Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Bush and Cheney behave as if they’re playing a game of Monopoly and have just drawn the following card from Community Chest:

“Ignore warnings, scientists and scientific assessments. Move forward on the basis of faith. Don’t bother doing any analysis. Do not envision contingencies and do not prepare for them. Extol the virtues of the free market and slash social programs. Drive up deficits to historic levels. Slash taxes for the wealthy. Privatize what’s public, outsource anything you can, treat regulation and government as a device to further the private gain of private interests, award your friends with posts on the basis of their ideological affinity and loyalty, not on the basis of their expertise or experience. When disaster strikes ignore it as long as possible. Blame others. Promise grand things. Deliver little. In the aftermath of disasters demand more power and less oversight. When things go to hell, claim that ‘no one anticipated that’ things could go to hell. Instill fear as often and as widely as possible. Pass Go, Collect Another Several Billion Dollars for yourself and your buddies. “

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