Saturday, May 26, 2007

Surprise! Bush Holds His Breath and Gets What He Wants!

Watch Keith Olbermann's commentary here.

Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif.), co-chairwoman of the Progressive Caucus, called on Congress to be bolder in confronting the president.

"This capitulation proves once and for all that we cannot negotiate with this president," she said. "He won't listen to his military generals on the ground, he won't listen to outside experts like the Iraq Study Group, he won't listen to the Congress, and worst of all he won't listen to the American public.... If we continue to take piecemeal steps such as today's vote, then we must accept our complicity in his continued occupation of Iraq."

We need to give deadlines to Congress and while we're at it give 'em benchmarks too! Let's see, how are they doing so far?

1) Ending the war. Grade: "F"
2) Holding hearings and holding the Bush White House accountable for its lies and crimes. Grade: "F"

Hmm. "If we leave they'll be a civil war" the GOP pundits keep saying about Iraq. Maybe if Congress leaves D.C., abandons the pretense of representing the people who voted them into office and declares itself a vestigal organ like the appendix and cuts itself out (see last posting), a civil war in the U.S. would break out.

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Anonymous said...

I agree! We voted people into Congress to end the war. And the best they can do is vote for timetables? And then abandon that instead of fighting to overturn the veto? When will we have representatives with actual spine in Congress?