Monday, March 10, 2008

Inviting Comments on the Situation Now and Post-Elections 2008

I would very much like to hear from readers about their thoughts on the following lines, from my book, Impeach the President, Chapter Five:

Even if somehow the Democrats miraculously win the next presidential election [the easily hacked electronic voting machines that about 90% of the people in this country now vote on and that allowed the theft of the last presidential election to Bush haven't been fixed], and even if, hypothetically, the Democratic president wishes to curb the radical right wing’s agenda, the radical right has entrenched itself so thoroughly and strategically in the government, in the military, in business and in the media that any moves to curb its power and its agenda will be met with the ferocity of a really pissed off vampire. Look at how angry and vituperative they are right now, and they have power! Remember how they succeeded in impeaching Clinton even though only 26% of the public supported the idea at the time.

Moreover, even if, for the sake of argument, the Democrats were to be alone in power and the GOP and their theocratic fascist minions were to disappear overnight in a rapture, consider what has been happening internationally over the last thirty years or so. Social democrats worldwide, who are far more left wing than our Democratic Party, have been moving to the right as they “adjust” to globalization’s dictates. Neoliberalism is ascendant worldwide and public order policies are the rule. In other words, the welfare state worldwide has been under fire and steadily being dismantled. Social democracy accepts the fundamental “rightness” of capitalism and seeks merely to ameliorate its worst effects. The solution to the issues of our day thus involves breaking decisively with things as they are and taking things in an entirely different direction.

During the 1960s’ Chinese Cultural Revolution revolutionaries had a slogan that applies to our situation today: “Cast Away Illusions, Prepare for Struggle!” As we stand here history shall judge us. Did we stick our heads in the sand while the theocratic fascists and imperialists proceeded in consolidating power and preventing any opportunity for opposition to arise, or did we recognize the signs, act decisively and without fear? We either drive this regime from power and repudiate the whole movement of which they are the titular head, something we cannot possibly achieve without also creating a wholly different political dynamic and bringing very large new forces into political motion and life here and around the world OR they get to bring down on our heads this heinous new world where truth is falsehood, science is the work of the devil, abortion is criminalized, women are forced back into their “place,” torture is the norm, war is peace and black is white.

This is a fight that must be engaged fully over the next several years and will decide our country’s future and very possibly the future of this planet.

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