Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Moral Turpitude and the Democrats

Tuesday, August 26, the 2008 DNC’s Keynote Address was by Gov. Mark Warner of Virginia, followed by Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Squared jawed Warner declared that Bush’s singular failing was (drum roll please) – Torture? War crimes? Crimes against humanity? Mass murder in a war based on lies? Declaring the White House above the law? Felonious spying on all of us? Threatening the use of nukes in yet another unjust war? Runaway corruption and venality? Theocracy? Katrina? Criminal failure to address global warming…?

No, no, no, a thousand times no.

Bush’s failing was (trumpets please)… not tapping into the creativity and initiative of the American people!

Warner’s stirring words – better he’d delivered this in a text message on one of the cell phones he made his fortune in – were upstaged, if we are to believe the media pundits, by Hillary.

Clinton revealed that this election cycle was about “taking back America” and about the “future.” The problem, she said, is that Bush and McCain are stuck in the past.

Funny thing about this past (and we should add: present) - the Democrats are a major, indispensable part of that past and present.

They have had the majority in Congress since January 2007. They have been Senators – Clinton, Obama and Biden included - lo all these years.

They have had the ability, the mandate, and the legal and moral responsibility to end the occupation of Iraq, shut down Guantanamo forthwith, put an immediate stop to the barbarity of torture, restore habeas corpus, indict, impeach and imprison the felons who’ve been openly spying on all of us, plundering the treasury, bankrupting the government, and making a mockery of civil liberties and the rule of law.

But, but, but, Pelosi claims: We’ve not had enough votes.

No problem, Nancy.

Filibuster it. Hole it up in committee. You’re the leaders of Congress. You have the power to do this. The GOP did it when they had the majority.

Besides, since when did crimes against humanity need bean counting to fight? Since when did infamous atrocities need votes to end?

You won’t hear any of this from the podium of the DNC. You won’t hear it from the mouth of CBS’s Katie – “I’m glamorous, can’t you see?” – Couric.

These unpleasant and grotesque facts no one in officious capacity will acknowledge or speak of.

Lewis Carroll’s Mad Hatter’s Party is nothing compared to this tragi-comedy.

The Democrats’ Donkey ought to be replaced by an Ass Wearing Blinders.

Truth today in Denver is to be found in the streets.

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