Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Wide World of Sports = Beach Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Beach Volleyball?

I love watching the Olympics. Seeing Usain Bolt live up to his name in the 100 meters was one of the most remarkable athletic events I've ever seen.

I just wish I could actually see more of the Olympics via NBC.

Now I love team volleyball and I know that beach volleyball is a sport, but if I hear about Misty May and Kerri Walsh one more time ...

Did you catch Walsh being interviewed during the Opening Ceremony, gushing about spending time with (War Criminal and Felon) George Bush and wife Laura? I wanted to go wash my ears out.

And Bob Costas' feeding Bush a bunch of softballs during his interview about holding the Chinese feet to the fire about human rights violations and about the terrible Russians invading poor Georgia?

Please. Which world is Costas living in?

Was he paying attention when Bush admitted that he approved waterboarding? Did he notice that the White House has been caught forging evidence to justify their invasion of Iraq and purveying literally hundreds of lies for an invasion and occupation that has led to the deaths of 1.2 million Iraqis and thousands of Americans?

And that Bela Karolyi- what a bellyache he is! Good thing I can't make out all of his gibberish, otherwise I'd probably be even more annoyed!

The Olympic athletes do so many remarkable things and many of them have to make incredible sacrifices in solitary training for years. Wouldn't it be great if we could see and marvel at it all without the distorting lens of narrow nationalism?


Arthur84 said...

Yes, but you and I both know the media does not have a backbone anymore, and has not had a backbone in decades. No one, in the media, has the guts to ask the tough questions anymore. What happened to all the real journalists, the muckrackers, the investigative reporters, ect.? I am tired of hearing the media repeat what the government's lies.

As for the Olympics, come on beach volleyball is not a sport. It is what men watch when they cannot afford cinemax. Where are all the real sports, like skeet, sharp shooting, boxing, soccer, basketball, weightlifting, track and field, etc. All I have seen them show is the swimming, which has been very impressive, especially Phelps, diving, gymnastics, and that is it. I know there is a major time differnce, but they call always show replays, which they are not.

On an side note, where the hell is bowling. Bowling is sport. It is a very international sport, as a matter of fact. Why is bowling not in the olympics?

Dennis Loo said...

I agree with you that bowling has as much right to be an Olympic sport as beach volleyball!

And when WILL the US track program emphasize baton passing? I learned proper technique back in 7th grade and I don't see any of them using it at the Games. Just a simple time analysis should tell you that proper passing will save precious time.

Arthur84 said...

Yes!! That's just simply pathetic that they dropped the baton like that. These people are professionals. Yes, they have great talent, but have they ever heard the phrase practice makes perfect. Though, with Usain Bolt in the mix, I doubt that even had a chance.