Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Protest at the DNC!

A World Can’t Wait – Drive Out the Bush Regime ALERT


Press contact: Linda Rigas (714) 235-8213
National contact: Debra Sweet, World Can't Wait (718) 809 3803


Prominent anti-war voices have issued an open letter calling on people to come to Denver to protest war, torture, and repression at the upcoming August 25-28 Democratic National Convention.

Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, noted historian Howard Zinn, actor Mark Ruffalo, anti-war mother Cindy Sheehan, and Vietnam war veteran Ron Kovic are among the 1,000 plus who have signed the letter, which calls for ending threats against Iran, the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and expanded government spying.

"The anti-war movement must set a standard of resistance, not accommodate what is intolerable,” the letter states. “Only the people—not the politicians—can force open debate over why the U.S. occupation must end now.” Letter and signers online at:

The breadth and prominence of the signers reflects rising concerns and anger over Obama’s direction, including his recent FISA vote, calls for escalation in Afghanistan, expanding faith-based initiatives and his support for off-shore oil drilling.

“Whether one plans on voting for Obama or not, we all must be in the streets making our clear opposition to torture, bloody occupations and any new war against Iran vividly clear,” the letter states.

“Some people say protest does not work. They are WRONG! What does not work is passivity in the face of a government being more widely exposed as committing war crimes and a public increasingly sickened by what is being done in their name. If the anti-war movement was so ineffectual why did the New York Times have to call it the ‘other superpower’?”

Debra Sweet, Director of World Can’t Wait-Drive Out the Bush Regime! which is circulating the letter, states, “World Can't Wait will be joining thousands of people in the Denver protests who want to send a different message to the world. Bring the whole Bush program of lying to start illegitimate wars, and threatening other countries, spying on citizens, justifying torture -- to a HALT!”

The Aug 23-29 week of protest in Denver will include anti-war and pro-immigrant marches, counter-protests against anti-abortion actions by the Christian right, film showings, strategy sessions, a wide range of panel discussions, and much more.

Interviews on Denver protests available with anti-war mother/Congressional candidate Cindy Sheehan; Vietnam war veteran Ron Kovic; Debra Sweet; revolutionary activist and journalist Sunsara Taylor; military mother Elaine Brower; and author Larry Everest.

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