Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Tale of Two Conventions: A Running Diary of Night 1 of the DNC

By Malcolm Shore

Mainstream news coverage of the Democratic National Convention last night was, in a word, vacuous.

Among both the speakers and the media pundits, the lack of discussion of the grave issues facing the people of the world – and, with very few exceptions, the lack of discussion of any substantive issues at all -- was astounding, if not surprising. Between 8pm and 11:30 pm, I flipped back and forth between CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News. I did not hear one mention of the word “Afghanistan” – where U.S. airstrikes just killed 95 civilians, including 60 children, according to Afghanistan’s president and the United Nations. Nor did I hear the word “torture,” “Iran,” or “spying” during that entire period. On the other hand, there was plenty of mindless cheering for predictable platitudes about “hope” and “change”; a sea of American flags; and several videos of Ted Kennedy on his sail boat.

Just exactly what kind of “change” and “hope” are we talking about here, Mr. And Mrs. Democrat?

Then, around 10:15, things got interesting. I saw an item flash across the ticker on MSNBC: “Police in riot gear have used pepper spray about a mile from the DNC.”

Some quick searching online led me to a live feed on the Denver Post Web site of a crowd of protestors who was chanting and refusing to be dispersed by the police.

As it turned out, at the same time the mind-numbing speeches were being delivered to much fanfare inside the Pepsi Center, police were using pepper spray on a crowd of hundreds of protestors to prevent them from marching to the downtown 16th Street Mall.

Police surrounded the crowd of protestors near the mall, ultimately letting many go while a sizeable crowd remained; it was difficult to tell from the video feed exactly how many protestors were still in the crowd when I clicked on to the Denver Post Web site around 10:15. But their chanting was definitely loud and energetic at times.

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